Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Death Note

So if you thought this blog was completely fillded with Anime/Kpop or Asian stuff, well you were half right... Well this post is, I promise the next one will be kinda normal.. but today I'm going to tell you about one of my favorite anime Death Note and show you people some cosplay pictures of me and my friend. There not that good but it was fun!!
ship moment...


*smirks and writes* L Lawliet...
oh you don't notice me evilly smirking in the back?

when you get into it!

she's behind me isn't she?!?

I'm 99% sure your kira!
                 So if your a low-key psychopath like me, then this anime will slightly fulfill your needs...
here are some reasons why you should watch it!
reason 1. this anime is full of comedy, suspense, murder, and kind of romance not really.
reason 2. Its super easy to cosplay. all you need is a short lazy naturally pale girl with black hair who likes anime by your side!
reason 3. its really confusing at time but amazing.
reason 4. the characters are amazing and complex!
reason 5. Ryuk
reason 6. potato chips
reason 7. L lawliet and Light yagami are hot!
reason 8. because it has the word Death in the title
reason 9. who doesn't like an lazy detective who eats junk food 24/7
reason 10. cheesecake

I'm pretty sure those where totally valid reasons to watch it!!
(i promise i'll do a kinda normal post next time)
enjoy Death Note

-Otaku From America >_<

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  1. Sounds fantastic! XD