about me

fire dragon roar
I have no idea how to write an about me page, but here we go.
I am completely obsessed with anime, and all things Japanese. Basically I have grown attached to the Japanese culture. I love K-pop and K-dramas. (K-dramas are probably  the only things I have ever watched that made me cry, like full blown sobbing.)

wearing a doctor who jacket in the snow
 I'm also inlove with cooking and baking, my dream is to open a bakery/cafe'... but if that fails then I want to be a english teacher in Japan!!! #lifegoalsthatwillneverhappen
I also enjoy writing fanfictions even though I suck at them.

whippin at the beach

Now for the real stuff
I'm 13 and in 8th grade
Random stuff about me 
:Major Starwars Nerd!!!
:going to Hot Topic
:watching youtube videos aimlessly
:trying to learn Japanese and Korean 
:Doctor who 
:Lord of the Rings
:Once Upon A Time 
:Favorite color is black
:Half Canadian 
:Minecraft nerd 

enjoy my sucky blog
(it's not only about anime)



  1. Hey! I just found your blog, and I'm a k-drama/kpop newbie, so I thought I'd follow. So cool to meet other people who are obsessed with it. (-: Also LOTR and BBC shows are life! Can't wait to read more, and welcome to the blogging world!

    1. Thanks for the follow!! And I know it's really awesome meeting people who are as obsessed with the same stuff you are!!