Thursday, September 1, 2016

idk about this post

Hey I haven't written a blog post in a LONNNGGGG time i know, but I'm super bored so I thought yolo!!! I dont really know what to talk about... So yeah.... Omg i found out im lactose intolerant and i found the name for this phobia type thing i had since i was a kid..... its called trypophobia apparently it has to do with textures.... though its not really a phobia, it's kinda something that makes you sick whenever you see it.. when i was a kid i could never look at inside out polkadot socks.. i know it's weird but it would make me cringe, give me chills and make my stomach hurt... so now you know my weakness! so if you ever track me down and murder me remember to get me weak just show the pictures that pop up when you search in the photo... Actually dont look it up cause it makes me wanna cry... so yeah this was a weird post! have a nice day people

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