Saturday, March 12, 2016

•How you know you're a true otaku•

When you watch anime you slowly begin to develop into an Otaku. The only problem is that you never see it coming. It's not like if a pig on minecraft got struck by lightning. No, no, no. More like drowning, slowly but surely, breath by breath, being suffocated by the water filling your lungs. Except in this case it's slowly but surely, breath by breath, making you forget all your morals and responsibilities in life. I've found that for some reason you never forget to eat, which is a good thing, but if you're like me you'll find that in one day you have raided your fridge about 20 times and still can't find any good food!
Then for some reason you start to crave ramen, sushi, and rice. Or you start to think that eating raw chicken you bought from the store is okay! And don't be too frightened when you look back on your Amazon search history and see it full of Japanese kimonos, anime merch, rice cooker, rice bowls, chopsticks, and flip phones. Cause I know when everyone watches anime they suddenly want a flip phone, or am I the only one?
You may possibly find that everything someone says to you somehow starts to relate to an anime, like this.
normal non-otaku friend
"I started reading the alchemist!"
your anime obsessed self
"Omg you like Full metal alchemist too, don't you hate the part with Nina.. So sad, did you know that Riza Hawkeye voice actor plays Erza scarlet from fairytail tail too..."
*rant for 5 more minutes* 
normal person 
"I'm not talking about anime! Can't I say anything normal, like every time I say gray you're all like 'Gray from Fairytale'. Seriously, get a grip!"
That usually goes down and you get majorly judged... But that's okay. Because I would consider 'Otaku' to be more like a lifestyle and not a title, So they are basically judging your life, and honestly you don't need that type of negativity. The only way to fit in with your friends is to either turn them obsessed, like occasionally slipping a manga book from the library in their school bag. Or you can just leave the anime hater group. If you get really into anime you start to get defensive when people say, "I hate anime" or "anime is gay!" 
You may have hour long debates about whether anime is good or not! You will also have an urge to go to like every comic con in your area!! You have decided that your future will be full of trips to Japan and/or Korea. Also you have tried to convince your parents to let you be an exchange student in Japan. (Hate to break it to you but there probably going to say no). When you're really obsessed with anime you will watch one anime and love it so much that you spend hours trying to find one just like it. Then you get anime withdraws they usually last for about 2 days so no worries, if you can make it through that you can do anything! If your a major creepy otaku then you may go through the voice faze BE WARNED if you get carried away it can be dangerous, let's say your at the international airport you're sitting down waiting for your plane to Canada then suddenly your ears pick up an amazing sound. An Asian speaking, if you're a real Otaku you could probably sit and listen to there voices for hours, but sadly you have to get on the airplane but secretly you hope you're sitting beside them!! If you say anything about there voice to them you will get severely judge 
so proceed with caution. Later on you will find that your taste in guys changed and all you want is a adorable Asian (I want Kim taehyung) sadly it will never happen but it's ok. Keep dreaming!!!! 
I think that was the basics of what you're  getting yourself into!!! And that's how you know you are a true Otaku From America 
*all the things that happened in this post I have experienced myself*
-Otaku From America >_<

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