Saturday, February 6, 2016

Miyazaki movies

Hey... I'm back and right now I'm watching Kiki's delivery service it's actually like really good I wish they would make a Tv show about it. I watched My neighbor Totoro for the first time! It was good but I honestly think it should have been longer, I just think we didn't see enough of Totoro but it was super good. Totoro was so adorable I literally died!!

1 hour later 

So I finished Kiki's delivery service, it was really good I also think it should have been longer. but it still was amazing and super adorable. The cat was probably my favorite. Im definitely cosplaying as someone from that!!                                  I still don't understand why Howls Moving Castle is rated 10th out of all Miyazaki movies I honestly think it is so amazing. It's definitely my favorite, I have watched it at least 15 times!! (It's so addicting, I bought it so I could watch it when ever I wanted to.) I'm about to watch howls moving castle again, I mean when you think about elderly Sophie walking in front of the mirror saying "I've got to stay calm!!" And calcifer cursing the bacon (then theres Howls beautiful face).. How can you not watch it again!! So far I have seen Howls Moving Castle, Kiki's delivery service, Spirited away, my neighbor Totoro, princess mononoke, and Castle in the sky. < (Which was really good and adorable)!! 
Comment your favorite movie!! 
If anyone besides my family reads this...
(Sad forever alone life)

-Otaku From America >_<