Thursday, February 4, 2016


So I'm (when I say "I'm" I mean my sister) working on a really cool header banner type thing for my blog, Im really excited for it cause it's flipping sexy.
Anyways I have been really obsessed with BTS (Bangtan) I have watch all of there music videos, basically I'm addicted. I'm attempting to learn all the lyrics to there songs. (it's really hard) So far I know.
1.Boy in love (I'm still learning Rapmonters part) 
But the rap is really hard it's definitely not like rapping in English.
My favorite guy is probably V (Kim TaeHyung) I mean he is so adorable, and you literally can't enough of that smile. 

I'm also trying to get into Exo and BigBang but I haven't listened to them as much as BTS.

And I'm still getting into this blog thing, and I'll try not to make you cringe at my writing skills!!

-Otaku From America >_<

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